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What kind of paint do you use?

We aim for quality in all of our projects, and we understand that each of our clients has a budget to work within. We will always use the highest quality paint, that falls within your budget. Life takes place in the enviroments that we revive, as a result, we focus on using non-toxic, enviornmentally friendly products from trusted brands such as Benjamin Moore's.

How long will the job take?

Each project has it's own timeline. Depending on the size and detail, the amount of time needed to complete a project will vary. We offer personalized, free quotes, booked around your schedule to be able to give you both a price and an expected time frame for the unique work required to revive your space. Click here to book yours today!

How long in advance do you schedule a job?

We ask to schedule the work at least two weeks in advance.

Have another question?

We welcome all questions and concerns and understand that your job is personal! If you have a specifc question pertaining to your job, or don't see your question answered here please send an email to: info@revivifypainting.ca We will respond immediately!

I have a stippled ceiling. Can I remove it or do I just have to paint over it?

You can do either! Some people don't mind the look of a stippled ceiling and just want to clean it up by putting a new coat of paint on it. It is not a problem to paint - you need to make sure that you use a larger pile roller and know that the stippled ceiling will take more paint then usual. If you want to remove the stippled ceiling you need to understand what kind of stipple it is. Is it popcorn ceiling or stippled? How old is the stippling? All of these factors are going to make a difference when you attempt to remove it by either scraping it or sanding it. Pro tip: Make sure the ceiling is very wet (using a spray bottle) before you start scraping!

What colours should I paint my house?

That is completely up to you! The best part of getting the interior or exterior of your house painted is the fresh new look in a colour you love. If your looking for inspiration - hop over to our blog on 2019 Colour Trends. https://www.revivifypainting.ca/blog/2019-interior-colour-trends

Which wall should I have painted as my accent wall?

More often then not, the accent wall (also referred to as the feature wall) will be the wall that is immediately opposite the main entrance. It is the first thing that people see when they enter the room. If you decide to do some sort of textured wall or go with a brick appearance etc. it is usually best to choose the same wall for that as well!

Is there a special paint for bathrooms and kitchens?

It is recommended to have a different sheen of paint in areas with high amounts of humidity, condensation or food preparation. This goes for residential but commercial properties as well. You will want to use a mildew-resistant paint with a high sheen level (ex. Glossy or semi-gloss) to protect you walls and other surfaces from any sort of long-term water damage.

What is your process for painting exterior window and door trim?

At Revivify Painting, we always scrape, sand, prime and paint exterior trim projects. This ensures the best and most consistent finish across the whole project area.

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept all credit cards, cheques or cash.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel any job up to 72 hours in advance.

Note: With exterior work, we may have to reschedule due to weather conditions.

When can you start working on exterior projects?

The short answer - Hopefully by mid-April.

The long answer - We base our exterior painting start dates on the weather and the type of paint. Painting when the temperature is around 5 or 6 degrees is the recommended lowest temperature you can paint, but you also risk the temperature dropping lower then that and the paint freezing and then cracking. We will start on exterior projects when the weather allows us to!

Do you paint decks?

Yes we do! We have a couple of options when it comes to bringing your old deck back to life. We can paint or stain your deck depending on the style you want for your back yard! Staining and painting both have different processes so the setup and cost will be different but be sure to look at all your options before making a decision on your deck's appearance. We also have all of the above options available for fences as well!

What areas of the city do you cover?

We work in all areas of Ottawa! We have completed lots of painting projects in Orleans, Kanata, Barrhaven, Gloucester, Ottawa West, the downtown core and everywhere in between!
We also have travelled to Manotick and Greely, Stittsville and beyond! If you are in Ottawa or the surrounding region dont hesitate to give us a call!

What does a one-year warranty mean?

Our one year workmanship warranty covers all of our labour on your project. We always check over our work and have our clients check the work to before we leave, but there is always a chance that an area gets missed or something is seen later on that is not up to your standard. Our warranty means that you do not have to every worry, as the client. We will come and fix any part of the project up to one year after our work has been completed! We are then able to guarantee you will get the result that you want when reviving your home!

Other Questions?

Just send us a quick note with somewhere to contact you at and we will have one of our Revivify Painting experts reach out with an answer within 24 hours. 

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