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Brrrr! It's cold out there. Get your Paintbrushes ready?

Your going to want to paint exterior work before the snow sets in

Not so fast!

It is highly recommended by both painters and paint manufacturers that you do not paint your exterior projects once the temperature gets below about 5 degrees celsius.

Remember, latex based paint still has alot of water content in the solution. If you start painting when it is to cold, it is possible that the water will freeze before the paint is dry which is going to leave a very uneven and odd looking paint job. The paint will also be much more viscous at colder temperatures which makes the application of paint that much more difficult.

If you do decide to brave the cold, here are a few tips:

1) Use primer: If the product you are using is not self-priming, make sure you use a good bonding primer before applying paint.

2) Choose the correct applicators: Using the correct painting tools for cold weather is important to ensure the success of your project's finish. The consistency of the paint will tend to be thicker (more viscous) at the lower temperatures so choosing the correct paint brush is vital.

3) Work when the sun is out: Focus on preparation work in the early morning (sanding, scraping). Use the times between 11am and 3pm to apply your paint. This time allows for the sun to warm up your surfaces. It will also allow time for the paint to dry and cure before the surface temperature drops again.

What's our advice at Revivify Painting? Choose to take care of your interior projects when the temperature drops. If you have interior projects we would be happy to take care of those for you now, and then plan out your exterior project when the snow leaves in the spring!

Send us an email to info@revivifypainting.ca to start planning your project today!