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Downsizing in the next year? Here is a step by Step Guide!

Downsizing in the next year?

The Revivify Blog is branching out today!

Here are some tips for downsizing when the time is right for you to move to a smaller home.

A great acronym to go by is to ask yourself the R-E-D-U-C-E to know whether or not to get rid of stuff you may not need for after your move. Here are the steps:

1. Relevance – Does this item mean anything to you? Does it have any value in your life (monetary or otherwise)

2. Edit – Did you use the item this year? If not get rid of it. A good tip for clothes is to have your hangers face the other way. That way you will know whether or not you actually wore it or not!

3. Declutter – Does this item fit in your new space? If not, get rid of it!

4. Useful- Does it serve a purpose?

5. Change – Can you use something that you have for another purpose? Can you alter it in a way that might make it useful again?

6. Eliminate- Recycle anything you don’t need!

Start going through your things about four months in advance of moving. Start boxing up your valuables that you don’t need immediately need but want to bring along. This will ease the moving process for you as you get closer to the date and the numbers of tasks start to pile up!

Here are the tips for what you should do to your home to make sure you get the most value out of it before you put it on the market:

1. Make sure you get a cleaning company to do a thorough clean of the whole place before you start showing your house. The first impression from the would-be buyers can make a dramatic impact on the value that they put on the home and may even overlook some other problems because it will appear that you kept your home in pristine condition.

2. Speaking of other problems, why not get a handy man in while your at it. Get them to repair the things that a would-be buyer is going to see or touch. Faucets, cabinets, locks etc. This way they will see themselves having to do less work once they move in and are likely willing to pay more.

3. LightBulbs! No not ideas, lightbulbs make sure everylight in the house can turn on with new lightbulbs and that all areas of the home are nicely lit for the best showing.

4. Last but not least a fresh coat of paint. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for a home and it is a cheap option that will always have a great ROI. Would-be buyers will be less likely to pay your asking price if they have to come in and change your pale green wall colour and all the headaches that go with that.

Freshen up the paint and turn the colours to a more neutral colour with whites, greys or beiges. It gives a “blank slate” feel to the house where the buyer can start to use their imagination as to what it might look like rather then worrying about ugly or odd wall colours.

If you’re a smoker, make sure you get the ceilings painted as well.

And don’t forget the exterior of the home as well. Think about where the would be buyers are going to enter and exit and what is visible to them then – you know that they will be looking around.

A freshly painted porch or front door will do wonders in the first impression category.

If we can help give you referals to professionals in any of these categories we would be happy to do so as well as take care of any downsizing painting needs you may have!