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Got the keys, now time to change the colour.

Moving into a new home? Here's how to paint it!

So you have just bought a new house! Congratulations! The paperwork is done and you have just received the keys to your new home.

Now the big challenge…actually moving in! Maybe the walls are grimy and gross, or maybe the walls are just not the right colour for where you are going to live for next few years, or maybe the walls just need to be freshened up.

The question to ask yourself is should I do my move in painting before or after I have settled in?

Here are some pros and cons to help make your move-in painting a success:

Here are the pros of painting before you move in:

You already are doing so many things to get ready for your move that what is the big deal to add one more thing to the list? It will be a lot easier (and faster - which usually means cheaper for you) for the painting crew that you hire to come in and paint your home with no furniture. They can move freely throughout the home, without fear of getting paint drops on all of your stuff. As well, it will be a lot simpler to do things like paint the inside of closets or cabinets.

Another positive is the smell – if you paint a few days before you actually move in, the paint fumes will likely have dissipated by that point and you won't have to deal with the smell or headaches, if you are sensitive to certain odours.

So how about the cons:

Well there are a few of those too. First off, are you buying all new furniture for your move? If so, if you paint before hand you may not paint the walls to the right shade that matches all of your new decorations. If you want all the colours to be complementary of each other it is probably best to wait until the furniture is in its place to then choose colours, sheens, tints and feature or accent walls that match perfectly.

One of the other major cons of painting before moving in, is that moving can sometimes be a difficult process and it is not uncommon that walls can get scratched or bumped by couches and other pieces of furniture during the process. This could ruin your brand new paint job with dings and scratches.

At Revivify, we tallied the votes and….Painting before moving in came out on top! A little bit of planning on the colours and careful moving means you get the best of both worlds and leads to a fantatic move in experience where you can sit on your couch, or at your dinner table or lay in your bed and look around and really just enjoy your new home!

No matter if you decide to do your move in painting before or after you actually move in – Revivify Painting will be there to help make the whole process as smooth as possible for your family!