• Revivify Painting

How Revivify Makes your deck look like somewhere you want to spend your summers again!

Bringing your deck back to life this spring!

So it is time to improve your outdoor living space? You want to improve where you spend those summer nights? Sit and enjoy some freshly squeezed lemonade or grill some steaks on the grill?

Well time to call in the experts at Revivify Painting to get that deck into shape.

Here is our process for bringing your deck back to life so that you know it is going to be done the right way!

1) First we clean your deck using a pressure washer to make sure that we remove all of the dirt and oil that can affect the adherence of the stain.

2) The next step is to do a small test area to make sure that it is the colour and look that you want.

3) Once the colour looks great – there are two options for how to stain the deck – it can be done with a special staining brush or it can be sprayed on. It all depends on the look that you are looking for in the finish.

4) We start with the railing first to make sure that we can cover the whole deck without stepping on any wet stain.

Best not to have kids or pets out on the deck for a couple of days after to make sure that the stain can take to the wood.

Have a deck you are looking to have painted or stained this spring or summer? Feel free to give us a call at 343-999-7563 to book your free estimate!