• Gabriel Planas

How to Deal With Water Damage and How to Avoid It

Well, it’s winter and whether you love it or hate it, along with the weather comes water damage (all of that snow has to go somewhere!). There are two things you need to fix when you get water damage: whatever is leaking and whatever is damaged. This article will focus on fixing what has been leaking and more specifically, we will be covering what to do when your painted walls are damaged by water.


While It may seem like the kind of thing that you can just paint over or leave for another day when you have more time. DON’T DO THIS! If water damage is left unattended, you may risk further damage to your wall and home. Mildew and mold can easily grow and spread rapidly if left unchecked and the list goes on.

The longer you leave water damaged walls to rot, the more expensive it will be to repair later!

Simple But Important

Step 1: fix the leak: We always recommend that you consult a plumber, roofing contractor or any other specialist that relates to the particular leakage you are experiencing.

Step 2: Clean The Wall : When cleaning the damaged paint from you wall, feel free to use anything from a putty knife to a painter’s tool to shave off the affected paint. The steps required to clean and rejuvenate your walls are simple enough, but it is always important to take care not to damage any drywall or paint unaffected by the water leakage.

Step 3 Apply Primer: This will help keep the wall from getting water damaged again and allow the paint to better stick on the wall. The area will be better for painting on as a whole. Then let it dry and re coat it for a better seal.

Step 4: Paint!: This is where we come in! Tell us where and when to paint for our team to deliver a speedy and FREE estimate.