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How to Store Your Extra Paint.

How to properly store your extra paint.

What to do, what to do? Your painting contractor has just finished the work on your project and now you have been left with all of these half-filled cans of paint.

If you’re like most people, there is a place in your house where there already are a bunch of paint cans from previous projects. Maybe it is the garage or a closet. No matter where you store it, here are a few tips to make sure that you store your paint correctly when you need it again for a touch up or repaint!

Stay organized with your paint cans. It is too easy to forget which paint went on what wall (especially if the colours are similar). Either take a picture of the top of the can and make notes in your phone or label the paint cans in your storage with the colour and the room. Probably a good idea to take a picture of the label as well as your may need it if you decide to buy more paint down the road.

When you are storing paint, try not to keep it in a place that is going to get too hot or too cold. This can change the consistency of the mixture in the can, making the paint basically useless. For most paint, store it is a cool, dry place where the temperature does not dip below 0* C.

One other tip for storing paint is to be careful not to do too much damage to the lid or edge of the paint can. This will help keep an airtight seal. Revivify Tip: Store the paint cans upside down. This makes the paint act as its own airtight seal.

When you decide to use the paint again make sure that their isn’t a “skin” on the top layer of the paint. So don’t shake the can until you have a chance to open it and have a look inside. Make sure to discard the “skin” before mixing. The shelf-life of a can of paint is about 5 years if it is stored properly, but still a good idea to search for signs of mould or bad smells which could mean the paint has gone bad.

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