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Professional Painting while keeping your business – open for business!

Keeping your business, open for business while your painting project is going on

Your business or office deserves a fresh coat of paint every now and again but sometimes it feels almost impossible to manage while still keeping your business moving!

A well-maintained place of business will show your customers and client that you really care about the details and will help improve your brand.

By using a professional painting company, we can work with you and your schedule as to not disrupt your day to day operations. You wont have to close down and we wont disrupt the staff.

Here’s some of the ways we can meet your needs!

Set up painting zones:

If your business space is big enough we can help you break the area into zones where we can work during the day. Maybe we can find a way to divert customers or staff away from the work zones until they are completed and then switch them after that. By doing this, we keep the business operating as normal as possible!

Specialized times:

Maybe your business is closed at certain times during the week or their wont be much foot traffic. We can work with your business schedule to make sure that we are always working off peak – even if that means working one day on and then a couple of days off before starting again. If you are in an office building, the weekend may be the best time for us to get in and complete the project.

Break out the Redbull and bring us back to our university days:

The All-nighter is always an option as well. If your office space is too busy during the days to get the work done then we can work with your schedule to work during the periods you are not in the office. This will include working over nights!

Always a good idea to notify both staff and customers that work is going on, even if they cant see it – always in the name of improving their experience.

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