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Sliding into Siding Painting Season!

Siding Painting

With spring here (sort of) and summer right around the corner (hopefully), Revivify Painting is getting into the swing of things with our exterior painting season!

One of our specialities is in the painting of siding around houses. Whether your siding is aluminum or vinyl, Revivify's qualified team of experienced painters have the know-how and the skills to completely transform the outside of your home!

We always recommend a quick power wash during the preparation of your siding. This removes any dirt or grime from your house in order to ensure that the paint is going to adhere to the surface. The power washing also scuffs the surface enough to make sure that the paint or primer sticks to the siding.

If you are looking to have your siding painted this spring, don't hesitate to reach out to the team at Revivify Painting for your free, no-obligation quote!