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The Age Old Question - Kitchen Cabinets: Paint or Replace?

To Paint or Replace the Kitchen Cabinets?

As a professional residential painting company in Ottawa – we have often been asked about kitchen cabinets. Cabinets, especially ones installed by professionals, last for generations, but the style or colour doesn’t always have the same durability.

The question that we get then, is it better to replace or paint your cabinets to bring them up to style?

As long as the cabinets are still in working condition and not too damaged, why not try to paint them in order to save you time, money and headaches!

One of the reasons to consider painting your cabinets be the inevitable wear and tear that happens especially around the higher use areas and drawers.

Another reason to paint the cabinets may be that you bought new appliances. The new appliances may have a completely new aesthetic which may make painting the cabinets seem like a great idea to match your expensive new hardware.

A couple of notes when you do decide to paint your kitchen cabinets:

1) Be prepared to lose access to your kitchen for a few days.

2) Decide whether or not you want your contractor to spray or brush your cabinets. They will have different finishes but it really comes down to your style!

3) No need to remove your items from drawers or cupboards. Focus the painting on the highly visible areas rather than the insides of the drawers. It will save the painters time and effort, which will save you money!

Thinking of painting your kitchen? Why not give Revivify Painting a call to get our thoughts, ideas and an estimate of what it might cost.