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What Colour has the Best ROI?

Blue Bathrooms have the best ROI.

When you are considering what colour to paint parts of your house - consider the Return on Investment of your decision.

Zillow, the leading rental and housing marketplace, conducted a study based on what colours in what rooms have the greatest impact for return on investment.

The study was based on which paint colours effected the purchase price of the house over what was expected. It produced

Here is what they found:

- Blue Kitchens sold for an over $1800 premium.

- Bathrooms painted light blue to periwinkle sold for over $5000 more then expected.

- Taupe and Beige living rooms raised the value of the home by just under $2000.

- Slate Blue dining rooms are about $2000 better then white dining rooms.

- Grey and Beige are the preferred colours for an exterior of a house.

Here is a link to some more in-depth information:


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