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We've helped bring life back to the insides of homes, the outside of homes, windows, rental properties and decks!

Are you wondering how much your project might cost, what colours might look best or what is the best paint to use? Give us a call or send us an email with all your questions. 


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Let's bring the inside of your home back to life!   

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There's a lot to think about when completing an interior painting job!

At Revivify we take care of everything so that an interior painting job doesn't become more work than it needs to be. 

We transparently cost all the supplies, make your furniture and floors a priority by protecting them, and take the time necessary to tape every corner of your home. 

Our experts to take care of your interior painting, while keeping the rest of your home looking bright, shiny and looking new!


   Lets bring the inside of your home back to life!

Ceiling painting is one of the biggest and most over looked parts of a painting project.  

Leave it to the professionals at Revivify Painting to help you with the process! 

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Let's bring you space back to life! 


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Lets bring your backyard back to life!   


Summer is on it's way and the forecast is looking good, make sure your backyard is too!


Don't let peeling paint or worn off stain on your deck put a damper on the good times this year.


Let the professionals at Revivify come bring your backyard back to life!

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   Lets bring the outside of your home back to life!

The outside of your home is a reflection of you. Keep it looking fresh, shiny and new. 


The experts at Revivify Painting will take care of the tough stuff like the scraping, the sanding and the priming to make bring the outside of your home back to life. 

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We offer interior wall stencilling and painting in Ottawa!   


If you think wallpapering your home can be a massive task to put on your walls, just wait until you have to take it off!

A new trend that is emerging in the creative interior design and decoration world, is the art of stencilling your walls for a creative look at a much cheaper price and much less of a headache.

Revivify Painting will help handle the entire process from working with you on selecting colours and picking the designs. We will then work on sourcing those designs. We make sure that the walls are clean and free of damage and fix them if there is preparation work to be done.


   Let us bring your rental unit back to life! 

Is your rental unit starting to look dingy? Are the walls beginning to discolour? Are there unwanted holes in the walls?


A fresh coast of paint can revive an old unit, inside or out. If you impress the future tenants, you will be able to charge more for rent.

Leave it to the professionals at Revivify Painting to make your rental unit look brand new.

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