We offer interior wall stencilling and painting in Ottawa!   

If you think wallpapering your home can be a massive task to put on your walls, just wait until you have to take it off!

A new trend that is emerging in the creative interior design and decoration world, is the art of stencilling your walls for a creative look at a much cheaper price and much less of a headache.

Revivify Painting will help handle the entire process from working with you on selecting colours and picking the designs. We will then work on sourcing those designs. We make sure that the walls are clean and free of damage and fix them if there is preparation work to be done.

Our next task will be to re-paint the walls if you would like to switch the colour, measure, level and apply the stencils and then finally paint your design onto the walls.

We have worked on full wall designs as well as smaller, one-off pieces that only take up a small percentage of the wall.


Leave it to the professionals at Revivify Painting to make the inside of your home look brand new.

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